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Personalized graphic design

  • Posters

  • Layouts for magazines, catalogues, yearbooks (annuals)

  • Layouts for dog shows, or for mating ads

  • Banners, flyers, car stickers or t-shirts;

  • Logos;

  • Catalogues and exhibition posters

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Web Design

We had the pleasure of working with several breeders from Romania and from abroad for the purpose of creating web pages for dog nurseries and thus acquiring a rich experience in this field.

We scrupulously created these sites, only after a thorough documentation regarding that particular breed presented, the design having been achieved according to its specific features (origin of the breed, specific features, ecc.)

All our sites are very easy to use, thus offering the possibility to update the site anytime necessary and in a very rapid way, even by the user himself. By means of the site administration module any modifications and adding may be performed in the site without any intervention on our side. New pages may be added or the existing pages may be completed, the page set-up may be changed, new photo galleries may be added, new photos may be added in the existing galleries, news may be inserted, text modifications, announcements, ecc.

All the sites contain pages, sub-pages, a general photo gallery, specific photo galleries which may be inserted in the page wherever necessary, a special news module which may be inserted on the front (home) page if necessary, a contact form, ecc. We alsoinserted into our sites a new module, the tables module, so necessary and useful for pedigree or present the results in shows in an elegant and easy to follow way.

At the same time new modules may be inserted according to our customer’s requests.


Besides the web design we offer you the hosting possibility, which is FREE OF CHARGE during one year for any site created by us. Also including web mail addresses:

We offer hosting for sites that are not done with us.

For more details regarding our sites and our ways to promote your site, please visit also our Promotion page.